A message from Dr. Julie Etterson, Director of IonE-Duluth

The pandemic has affected us in ways that have sometimes led to a sense of greater isolation - or the opposite - an overdose of zoom screen time! In either case, the current state of affairs is exhausting for everyone.  At the same time, it is a moment of great need when it is as important as ever to aggregate around sustainability issues that affect people and the planet in diverse ways.  To this end, we have been working on ways to find each other and connect despite the trying times when everyone is stressed.


IonE-Duluth is taking on the challenge of the moment in four important ways.

1. We have embraced to the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as our organizing principal

2. We have created a Sustainability Portal for our campus and community to help students, faculty, and others discover how the SDGs relate to:

    • Courses offered on campus
    • People who working on sustainability issues
    • Current research and projects on campus and into our region
    • Community organizations that share our goals

Portal logo

3.  We have to assemble panels around the SDGs for faculty to embed in their online courses during the 2020-2021 academic year, including following. If you would like to schedule a panel for your spring 2021 course, please sign up here

4. We have conducted an undergraduate survey on sustainability knowledge, beliefs, and actions to use as a baseline for monitoring changes in sustainability awareness on campus.

We are looking forward to the future when we can congregate in person again to push sustainability ideas and actions forward. 

In the meantime, IonE-Duluth is digging deep into the original goals of our hub creating opportunities that are stimulating interdisciplinary interactions across campus and deepening our ties to the community.